Made by me. A mom in Fort Worth, Texas, with a little girl who dealt with 6 months of intense acid reflux. This means means lots and lots (and LOTS) of spit up. We aren't talking an occasional dribble or post-meal projection. No. We are talking outfit-ruining, cannot keep her body dry, issuing warnings to well-meaning relatives and friends (yes, she will spit up on you. yes, I know you had three kids. did they have reflux? no? well, trust me you're in for a treat) level of expulsions.


In a fit of frustration with the current bib landscape (cute but not functional, functional but outfit ruining, or just downright useless..I'm looking at you, tiny pointed bandana bibs) my husband came home to find me wading in a sea of chopped up burp rags and a franken-style prototype in my hands.


And thus, the DribbleBib™ was born. Designed in Fort Worth and made in Dallas, these bibs are as sturdy as the state they call home. With proper handling we know they will last you year after year and baby after baby.


For wholesale information, please email Caitlin at info@cccloths.com